Wireless Overview

STI provides a full range of cost-effective, high performance solutions that improve the quality of wireless networks while reducing capital and operating costs. Today, STI’s field-proven and highly reliable products operate in over 10,000 base stations. STI’s flagship product, Superlink®combines a specialized filter using patented high-temperature superconductor (HTS) technology with a proprietary cryogenic cooler and a low-noise amplifier. The result is the ultimate uplink: a highly compact and reliable cryogenic receiver front-end (CRFE) that simultaneously delivers both high selectivity and high sensitivity. With STI’s SuperLink ®,, and product lines, wireless operators can maximize capacity utilization and coverage, and also provide high performance antenna sharing solutions. Overall, STI’s commercial wireless solutions give wireless end-users the quality of service they demand, and gives operators the ability to optimize their capex investments.

Link bar Superlink 850 Amplink Superlink 700 Superplex

LTE AT 700 MHz

Unique to 700 MHz in the U.S., high-power, near-band transmit signals, in close proximity to LTE receive channels, present a difficult interference environment. Without proper attention, wireless carrier’s significant LTE investment could be compromised. STI can address these issues using

Our ultra-low-loss receiver uses a proprietary brick-wall filter which eliminates interference, allows for more usable spectrum, and maximizes the base station receiver’s signal to noise ratio. This can translate into 10-15% or more increased base station coverage area and data throughput. minimizes guard band thereby recovering spectrum. In some cases carriers could add 8% or more usable resource blocks and capacity, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. These combined benefits can solve LTE’s crucial challenges and enable carriers to deliver on the promise of LTE at 700MHz.