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Superconducting Applications

Superconducting technologies will play a crucial role in the electric power industry: from superconductor magnet applications, STI’s target market, used in wind turbines, generators, motors, MRI, NMR, Energy Storage, Transformers, and Fusion to buried transmission and distribution cables, and superconducting fault current limiters (SFCL). Rapid technology development, proof of concept demonstrations and limited commercial deployments are underway for all these superconducting applications. In some cases, superconducting wire may replace conventional copper and aluminum conductors to help create a distributed grid architecture. This will relieve many stranded grid assets and provide an efficient, adaptive mesh topology that is well suited for the future Smart Grid. In other cases, new novel approaches utilizing enabling ReBCO technology, also known as 2G HTS wire, will disrupt the market creating new industries such as Fusion for power generation.

Quick Fact:
Conductus® wire can significantly increase magnetic field strength 2-3x, greatly improving magnetic performance.

The superconductor industry continues to grow with the creation of Advanced Superconductor Manufacturing Institute (ASMI) that has garnered participation from a wide array of industry stakeholders.

Effective date for ASMI National Map – 04/20/2016
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