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Maximize Your LTE Network

Welcome to STI’s LTE benefit summary. In this segment, I would like to recap our past videos and show how STI's SuperLink® solution enables carriers to maximize their spectral investment, and minimize their capex as they begin to deploy LTE at 700MHz. With symmetric applications like social networking and multimedia sharing on the rise, and because LTE is designed asymmetrically, there is a high potential for the uplink to be stressed. In addition and unique to 700 MHz in the US, the presence of high-power, near-band transmit signals, in close proximity to LTE receive channels, present a difficult interference environment. Without proper attention to these interference and uplink challenges, the carrier’s significant LTE investment could be compromised.

Although competitive solutions may mitigate interference or improve uplink performance, each can have drawbacks such as, high insertion loss or stranded spectrum. Insertion loss degrades the basestation receiver’s signal to noise ratio, which results in reduced coverage and data throughput. Alternatively, lower loss filtering requires ample guardband, which strands portions of valuable spectrum that can no longer be used. It's only with STI's unique SuperLink® solution that carriers can solve these uplink challenges simultaneously.

SuperLink's® ultra-low-loss receiver uses a proprietary Brickwall filter which eliminates interference, allows for more usable spectrum, and maximizes the receiver’s signal to noise ratio. As shown in previous videos, this can translate into significant network results.

SuperLink® strengthens the receiver’s signal to noise ratio, which can translate into 10 - 15% or more increased base station coverage area and data throughput. By minimizing guard band and recovering spectrum, SuperLink® also allows carriers to add 8% or more usable resource blocks and capacity, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. As you can see, these combined benefits can solve LTE’s crucial uplink challenges and enable carriers to deliver on the promise of LTE at 700MHz. We hope this has been helpful; feel free to reference our other videos or contact us directly, thank you.