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Since its formation in 1987, STI has pioneered the development of superconducting materials and manufacturing processes, developing numerous patents as well as proprietary trade secrets and know-how. Over the last decade, STI has manufactured and sold over 6,000 superconducting systems that have been deployed in tier one wireless networks, thereby providing commercial deployments of its superconducting technology. Now, STI is applying its proven and proprietary superconducting deposition techniques and manufacturing experience to the development of cost effective, high performance superconducting wire for emerging large market opportunities with electric utilities and smart grid applications.

CEO Address

As STI’s President and CEO, I would like to thank the STI team for their continued support in executing STI’s corporate goals. With a world class team that has generated numerous patents and brought innovative solutions to market, STI continues to meet and exceed the challenging demands of our customers. With our strategy to extend our unique technology into new power application spaces with 2G HTS wire, STI is moving closer to achieving significant product sales to our global customers. It is a privilege to work beside such talented colleagues and co-workers: the true driving force of any successful company.
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